Friday Reeds | Saxophone reed cuts!


On today’s #Fridayreed we will discuss the differences between our Classic and Signature Series and their variety of cuts for saxophone!

This Classic Series reed is made from hard material and is designed to produce a darker sound. They have a thicker tip than our other cuts and are typically preferred by more advanced players. If you prefer a stiffer reed for your Traditional or Classical set-up then this is the cut for you!

The Classic Series come in two cuts: The Standard Cut (available in Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Baritone and Bb Bass Sax) and the Studio Cut (available for Tenor and Alto Sax). The studio cut is a jazz- style reed made from materials softer than that of the Standard Cut. Studio cut reeds have a modified vamp design and are free blowing, bright and flexible. Ideal choice for artist who use lots of vibrato and need more flexibility from their reed.

The Signature Series is available for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones. It is built to produce a warm, rich tone in all registers with minim effort! The signature series are cut thinner than the standard and the material is slightly stiffer with more flexibility across the tip, producing a full spectrum of overtones. This reed is preferred by professionals worldwide due to its flexibility easiness to play but remains the bestselling reed for players of all levels!

Which Légère reed do you play? Are you interested in trying a different style or cut? Comment below!