Take the Challenge

The files below contain sound clips of masterclass teacher and mouthpiece maker Richard Hawkins playing his Bb clarinet using a conventional cane reed and using a Légère clarinet reed. First, click on either Staccato file 1 or 2. One of these is played on a good cane reed, the other on a Légère reed. Guess which is which. The Legato files, 3 and 4 are a bit larger, and may take longer to download. Click on the images to try this test for yourself, then when you are done, click on the answer.

Staccato 1 (103K)
Staccato 2 (108K)
Legato 1 (249K)
Legato 2 (254K)

(If you can't play the files, you can download the Windows Media Player by clicking here.)