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Retailer Support

Légère Reeds Ltd. provides unparalleled support for our distributors and retailers around the world.  We may be able to help with samples for important players, displays, racking, literature, and educational support.  Contact Us for details.

Become a Retailer

To stock our reeds in your store, you should get in touch with the Distributor for your region.  Contact Us if you have any difficulty finding a distributor.

Légère reeds can make money in your store. Our products are packed individually in attractive custom boxes. We have developed an eye-catching  display to fit in a standard slatboard wall  to help display our product to its maximum potential while occupying minimum of space.  We also offer a product brochure to help your sales staff become familiar with (and sell) the product.

Many professional musicians use our reeds on a regular basis, but while we target recording artists and working musicians, we also believe that our reeds will have a huge impact in the school market.  For example, check out the results that two of the top 10 marching bands in the U.S. have achieved while playing on Légère reeds.

Légère Reeds Ltd. does not now, nor has it ever, sanctioned the testing of reeds in store or the reselling of returned reeds. We operate a direct-to-factory exchange policy, and we discard all returned reeds. We do not warrant that our reeds can be sterilized by immersion in sterilizing fluids, and consequently, we advise against sharing of reeds.