1) How do Légère Reeds differ from other synthetics?
Légère reeds are made from a special polymer compound with a very fine microtexture.  They have low density, so that they float, like cane reeds. In fact, our material is designed to mimic the important properties of damp cane as closely as possible.   Because of the microtexture, we can machine very fine tips for the fantastic response you would expect from a great reed.

2)  How long will one reed last?
Players report a variety of lifetimes, but most agree that one Légère reed will last for months, not days. They easily last long enough to be very economical compared to ordinary cane reeds. Numerous elite high school and college marching bands tell us that Légère reeds usually last their woodwind musicians for an entire semester. You can prolong the life of your reed by treating the tip with care, and by rotating to another Légère after an hour or so of hard playing or practice.

3)  Why are Légère reeds so expensive?  Aren't they just molded plastic?
No! Our compound is our own trade secret. We have to make it ourselves in order to control the strength of the material, and thus to make reeds of different strength. Our reeds are machined on an expensive CNC machine, not stamped or molded like conventional plastic parts. In fact there are many steps in the manufacturing process, and the entire process takes approximately two weeks.

4)  Don't I have to get used to a "real" reed anyway?
Many professional musicians don't think so and have been playing and recording on Légère reeds for 20 years! Many of them feel there is no need to play on any other type of reed.

5)  How do I pick a strength?
Go to our Strength Charts page to learn more about each type of reed and to compare our strengths to those of other reeds that you might be familiar with.  We do offer an exchange of strength policy in many countries. 

6)  Can I work on the reed?
It is possible, but not recommended. 

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