Player Feedback

Feedback from Professionals

Many pros rely on Légère reeds.  Here are some recent comments about our reeds and reed mouthpiece combinations used by some of the world's most recognized players. 

Ricardo Morales
The Philadelphia Orchestra

"The Légère Signature reeds are the way of the future, now! They have phenomenal consistency, excellent response and reliability. Most importantly, they help create a beautiful, smooth tone in all registers. Using a fantastic reed, one can finally get on to making music, instead of just playing the clarinet."

Dean LeBlanc
The MET Orchestra

"Légère reeds in combination with the Vandoren B40 Lyre mouthpiece have an incredible natural and beautiful tone. The ease and consistency of response make it a joy to play!"

Walter Seyfarth
The Berlin Philharmonic

"In 2010 after 25 Years with the Berlin Philharmonic I got the chance for the first time to try one artificial reed from Guy Légère. It took a little while to get used to it because of the strength . After two weeks practising I played my first concert and felt very safe. Especially the equal vibration of each side of the reed made it possible that I could swell a note from the absolute pianissimo until forte very easily. To control my intonation went better than it used to be with a wooden reed. With the stability of the Légère reed I can give more force to my musical expression and feel more relaxed during my performances."

Andreas Ottensamer
The Berlin Philharmonic

"Playing Légère Reeds in combination with a mouthpiece by Nick Kückmeier has changed my life as a clarinetist - this is a major step in the clarinet world."

John Moses
Broadway and Studio Professional

"As a professional NYC musician, Studio & Sessions player, and Broadway Show doubler, I believe the Légère Signature Series Clarinet, Alto and Tenor reeds are the best reeds on the market today.  

I use Légère reeds exclusively in all my varied work on NYC and on all my recordings. Légère Signature reeds are the reeds of the future!"

 David Sapadin

"My name is David Sapadin and I am a freelance clarinetist and educator in NYC and play with several Lincoln Center group including the Metropolitan Opera. I am a former student of Yehuda Gilad, Mitchel Lurie, David Krakauer and Ricardo Morales. I am currently on faculty at Long Island University Post and Mannes School of Music Prep. Division. I recently broke my mouthpiece and had to find an alternative and found a Vandoren B40 Lyre 13 that felt good. After talking to my friend and mentor Ricardo Morales, he suggested that I try the Légère Signature reed because he thought they played great on that mouthpiece. I have not played on a cane reed since. I have not sacrificed anything and I love the clarity and the stablity. The soft dynamics are just so clear. WOW!!! Its so nice to know that every time I am going to play that I never have to worry how my reed will respond.

Andrew Dickenson

"I wanted to contact you to let you know how impressed I am with your Légère Signature reeds. I have been a professional musician for the last 17 years, working mainly in music theatre, which involves me playing not just the clarinets but all the saxes too, so you can imagine my utter delight in having found your Signature reeds. I am currently on tour with Cats (playing Clarinet Soprano and Baritone sax), which is international, and your reeds have been a life saver going from one climate to another, as you can imagine.

Having played on them now for a couple of months I find it hard to imagine playing on anything else.  Many thanks for saving me hours of endless reed sorting."

Paul Hanson

Award-Winning Classical Bassoonist

“It’s the most radical development in bassoon reed technology in the last 100 years. When I tried a Légère Reed I was, and still am, amazed by how musical, warm and dynamic the reed sounded. Not only does it play brilliantly but it stays the same for months and doesn’t change in wet or dry, hot or cold weather. I can depend on this reed to deliver exactly what I want, and not spend half my life profiling cane and watching it dry. The dynamics of the Légère bassoon reed are second to none.”

Abner da Silva Pinto
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I am writing to express my great satisfaction with the work that Légère is presently doing. In late 2012 I bought my first Légère reed which I have used until the present day (2014). With this piece of art that you have created I have achieved many of my goals as a musician, auditions, contests, featured criticism of newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and Kansas City Journal. My best greetings and thank you."